Aspiration Review: The Innovative New Bank That Pays You Up To 200x More To Be Good

Imagine a world where you can be a socially conscious person and also make money at the same time. You may think it’s difficult, but luckily the world is changing for the better!

As a millennial, I love to support causes that mean something special to me, but it’s not always easing finding the resources to do so…

But what if I told you that with an incredibly simple and smart money move, you could start making more money while supporting your favorite charities and causes?

Introducing Aspiration, the only bank that PAYS YOU for being the good person we all know you are!

If you find the idea interesting, read on for our Aspiration bank review.

What Is Aspiration?

Reported on in CNN, Money Magazine, The New York Times, and Forbes, Aspiration isn’t just a bank – they’re a community. As a result, they’re dedicated to maximizing the amount of money in your wallet whilst supporting the causes most important to you.

First of all, they have all the standard features of a regular bank, such as FDIC insurance for deposits up to $250,000 – but that’s where the similarities end. To start it off, Aspiration lets you pay them as much as you want for managing their money – even if it’s ZERO.

Whatever you do decide to pay Aspiration, they have pledged to donate 10% of it to charity.

Think about all those banking fees you pay. Furthermore, think about where those fees go – political lobbying, campaign donations, oil drilling, pipelines – Those would be a thing of the past with Aspiration.

The Benefits

So now you know that Aspiration does things a little differently than your typical bank, but that’s only the beginning of how amazing this bank’s service really is.

First things first, let’s get down to business. How much interest do they pay?

Aspiration will pay you an industry leading rate of up 2.00% APY in interest.

On top of that, here’s some other amazing bonuses:

  • If you buy your next phone with their debit card, they’ll insure your phone with $600 in damage insurance.
  • Someone make an unauthorized transaction with your card? Aspiration will compensate you up to $1,000.
  • Never pay another ATM fee ever again
  • And much, much more…

Our Verdict

Banking has gotten pretty tired over the past few years. The hidden fees, the robotic customer support, and lack of interest paid on our deposits has left a lot of people with a sour taste in their mouths.

Especially when we realize that all that money ends up supporting causes that we would never support in the first place.

That’s why I thought the arrival of Aspiration was so refreshing. I can select the fees I want to pay, earn more interest than I would with traditional banks, invest responsibly, and be rewarded for supporting socially conscious businesses.

I don’t really think it can get any better than that!

Don’t take my word for it though, read these customer’s glowing reviews to get an idea of what Aspiration is like:

How Do I Sign Up?

It could not be easier to start saving the world with your money by using Aspiration. Here’s all you have to do to get started:

  1. First of all, follow this link here
  2. Sign Up
  3. Make a minimum deposit of $10 to receive your free cash back debit card in the mail.
  4. Start making money and saving the world today!

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which My Side Hustle receives compensation for. We believe talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

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